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A good part of my youth was spent on music! If you do not mind lo-fi sounds, you might enjoy this part of the site. Lyrics and videos are available!


Some musings and technical entries! What i have to say and the occasional urban survival tip. If you want to know what i have been up to recently..


Members only area. All that is sacred and difficult to obtain. Expect instructional manuals, guitar tabs, system cheat codes, cheat codes for life etc.

Recent Music Projects

Pangea (2015)

A Lost World where all the dreamers may be..

Reset the World (2004)

Performed by E.P.I.C (2004) live at Republic Polytechnic Singapore

St Johns (2009)

A song inspired from an island off Singapore where my dad's side of the family is from…

Easy come easy go (2010)

Recorded and performed by Chope in Melbourne Australia 2010…


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I took a long drive to a grocery store, bought a six-pack threw a penny for your thoughts, if its ok? its gonna be ok!
Wesley Choo, Let it Slide (2003) - E.P.I.C

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