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freenixx avatarMy name is Wesley Choo and my day job is in education. At night I am father/entrepreneur/ husband and gamer. is kind of like my personal blog where I discuss IT problem solving techniques and my other interests to help other System Administrators and Technopreneurs solve their technical issues.

I have been running the blog section since 2005.

I recently got an interest in affiliate marketing and so I am dedicating the Free portion of as my own web-space to quench that portion of my life.

The Nixx portion is still under construction as i am still gathering legal intelligence on the best way to share such information

More about myself:

I started tinkering with computers back in 86 on the family’s Acer 386. I was fooling around with config.sys and autoexec.bat files just to get the graphics Hi-Memory sys working for Wing Commander.

I then proceeded to Hex editing using DOS and Pascal to change credits for the popular game Xenon by Bitmap Brothers and then moved on to phreaking with public phones using the “11111” free call techniques.

In short, I like to tinker and understand how systems work and I love to solve problems.

I strongly believe in life-long learning at the school of life and find that the best lessons learnt are often the most challenging ones!

In my youth, I turned to music as an outlet for my expression and angst.

I grew up in a family with three other brothers. Being the 2nd Brother, I found myself having a lot of space to explore.

I am a Barn member in the CRCA Wing Chun network and I am the web administrator for the CRCASG website.

I am happily married with 2 energetic boys and live and work in the western part of Singapore. I have always known about affiliate marketing but never bothered to explore it fully until recently when I attended a talk by Ivan Ong.

I was impressed with his accomplishments and it made me think about my own path to financial freedom.

By nature, I am a skeptic and a cynic and would always opt for the slow and steady route but I must admit, having the cheat codes to a game sometimes feels good.

More importantly, its not so much the money as the end goal but rather the time I can have spending with my loved ones


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I hope you find this website helpful, entertaining and useful and if you have any problems, feel free to email me and I will see what I can do to help.

Happy Hunting!

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