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But sometimes when it comes to hours spent on a job, its got to be worth for something.

So it seems that if a man could make $80 per hour that means he can build google in like 2 days?

It's not like i have to feed 2 hungry growing energetic boys!

So when she asked me how come it takes so much money to re-vamp a website, how was i to know the website was built in the stone age!

Its like asking me to re-decorate Fred flintstones house! I was like thinking" let bygones be bygones!"

I'm just wanting to re-start the fresh prince neighborhood!

I mean, responsive surely seems the way to go... we got some statistics that says 'almost all our phones have got the capability of NASA's 70's babies' so why would it not be special to assume that most users would be viewing all information on their phones!!

Duhhhh!!! .."so with ol' fred flintstone, they could get more involved with their fingers and thumbs!"

completely legit!!

If the content totally bites back at you!

And thats the 21st century in a nutshell.. content is king!

But what use is content if someone's going to regulate it? and thats net neutrality in a box?<---------------

Some big ass cooporation will get to be the FINAL law maker in town

So we can either silently get killed in our sleep (dare you) or we can go out gun's blazing fighting for the last piece of fabric left in town

I am proposing co-ordinates  40.00 but a 30.00 onwards will get a hat tip your way.

And i'll even throw in a free show your way.


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