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Finally ,after a semester of painfully teaching stone age techniques of Windows Phone 7 on Visual Studio 2010, i can finally cleanse my PC off this over-bloated excuse for a development environment. 

But Alas, instead of working with Android Studio or Eclipse, i find myself stuck with another Microsoft product and this time to teach web development.. on Visual Studio 2013! Well at least its an upgrade?

Oh the power that Microsoft holds on our education institutes, we best all be getting well paid jobs to afford the licenses to continue using these wonderdful products, after all, its what every student learns in the curriculum, and most important, its what pays the bills.

From experience, if you manage to land a job in an MNC or a big enough company that can afford these products, that's all fine and dandy, but think about it, its you vs the rest of your cohort and then some, so the chances of you landing work in some SME is probably greater and i can tell you that that is when your real education begins. You will learn how to move around obstacles with the power of the Open source and the Free community that is out there.

So i guess its fair that you continue learning what you paid for and bite the bullet when the time comes.

Visual studio 2013 is installing on my laptop now :)

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