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So i was running the latest Chromium browser on Trusty Taur OS. I noticed that the default search engine used was baidu. I figured it because i live in Singapore so the nearest download servers were grouped with China so i naturally got my Ubuntu's default home folders in Mandarin and now my default search engines are baidu.. minor inconveniences i thought

So i tried to access the manage the Manage Search Engines settings (you can just right click on the search bar (choose Edit Search Engines option) to access it in chromium)

But when i tried to change the names and URL, no love... it won't let me do it.

After a lot of searching around, found out that what you type in makes a difference.. how cryptic is that?

So if you tried getting rid of the default search engine and you found that there is absolutely no button to press, i suggest adding a new search engine like this:

On the row below, use
Keyword- i just used google
This is the key, it would not allow a simple url like
you need to add the whole string with the ? at tail end.
I guess this is true if you wish to add other search engines like :
Askjeeves -
Now when you press enter, it gets added to the list and magically, now when you click on the default search engine, you get an option to remove it, but only after you set your new entry to be the default browser.
Hope this helps more than it does confuse!
Peace out!

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