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This video was captured  by American Tourist. Its either some really good movie magic but apparently something like a portal opened up in an area right above where the CERN project is located.

It can be seen that a vortex like spinning motion is sucking nearby clouds and later what seems like a UFO enters it and suddenly the sky is clear again.




Now i don\'t know much about physics but i have read up on wormholes and the more i read up on what CERN is trying to achieve, the more i believe that we are getting closer to dimensional travel. Unfortunately, i think that before we actually do get to travel, something else would probably get in to our dimension first!

Lets just hope they are good entities (highly doubt it) but in any case, seeing that CERN has used the deity of destruction SHIVA as their building mascot, i do not think they really care what gets released because from their point of view, destruction is necessary before re-construction can take place, so as long as their ark is primed and ready to survive, everything else is just collateral damage.

You got to love how the Vatican is also caught up so thick into all this and how the media is really trying to suppress this research from the general public. How much has been spent on this project? Billions of dollars per year? Is that Tax or black budget? All in the name of science- the God-particle / dark matter / particle-research.

Who knows what is really being achieved with CERN - Large Hadron Collider (LHC), care to share? Thats one for snowden to reveal


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