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I came across this Creative Writing question which was too cool not to share.

Schools should learn to engage young adults creativity like this..


School of Athens

“If you were living in a different century in the Mediterranean area, this image you see above will probably be a common sight as you enter an Education institute. Raphael managed to capture this quite illustratively.

You will have Echion the story teller voicing out the latest literature to the curious ears of would be theologians and those with the love for the arts. There is Artemon who is eager contradict said literature alas to no one who seems to care. His good friend Heraclides certainly seems bored and dismal for the day.

There is the new student Homer who has just arrived and is being shown around by the school’s envoy.

The hall ways are busy today but the majority of the crowd looks to be interested in 2 individuals walking down the hallway. The 2 individuals command a certain air of respect from the on-lookers as they walk past giving the impression that they must be of some high status in the institution.

There is an old man who has taken up residence on the main stairs and looks to be too tired to move out of the way for the 2 oncoming individuals. It looks like an onlooker may have tried to render some assistance to move him out of the way but finally gave up on his efforts after the stubborn man tells him to bugger off.

There is a small group to the right side of the image that seems to be mildly interested in the small spectacle. The majority of the individuals on this side seem to be intrigued by Antiphon the arithmetic teacher who is dazzling his young students with his formulas.”

(7 Marks) Label the image with the following characters

A)      Echion

B)      Artemon

C)      Heraclides

D)     Homer

E)      school’s envoy

F)       old man

G)     Antiphon

(8 Marks) Describe in your own words who you think the 2 individuals are and  what they were conversing about?

(Bonus 2 Marks) Who drew this?

(Bonus 2 Marks) Which 90's rock band used part of this painting for their album art?

(Bonus 1 Mark)Circle the part.



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