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It took me a total of less than 17 hours and 43 minutes to complete the main story at Thief level .

My play styles was opportunist and predator at 4 each and i stole a total of 5833 loot, picked 31 pockets, 58 locks and killed 6 threats.

And it so happened the xbox360 copy i bought from Sim Lim Square had all the major cutscenes without audio. Luckily i turned on the subtitles so i could read in the conversations or i'd be lost in the plot. In fact, even after reading, i'm still a bit lost in the plot.

Other than the fact that i'm wondering how on earth the General Thief taker got himself to the boss battle which was enemies territory as he is with The Keep? or was it the Barons? anways , maybe he's just a double headed snake? but wasn't he crippled? how did he climb up...? argghhh!!! they mystery is killing me!! But a lot of my sentiments on this game which i was so looking forward to was has at best been bitter sweet. I felt the story line (which is the main reasons i play games) could have been better.. throw in a love story or a tragedy, throw in something! But i guess looking at the Sun is as open ended as it gets.

I did not find any of the main story levels challenging but they were still fun to explore. I was hoping to "bump" into Guard benny or sinclaire although there were some pretty dopey sounding guard conversations. I thought the loot creativity was terrible. Pens, scroll holders, inkwells and magnifying glass??!! that's quite a stationary shop Garrett is planning to start!

And weapons wise, i didn't see my moss arrows!! but i saw glass on the floor!! ouch! I just finished the game credits and see Ector Client jobs, this could keep me busy for awhile.

But if there's any advice i can give to thief newbies for the main plot, stock up your water and rope arrows especially once you go after Orion. I kept thinking i'd be able to pick up more arrows on the mission and missed out on a lot of loot. Another major tip is to get all your tools early in the game, wrench, wirecutters, pen knife etc.. a lot of the alternative routes require the wrench besides stealing plaques.. what a vandal!

So seeing how easy it is to pass the missions, i guess i will dedicate my walkthroughs on how to attain Ghost for the missions, that would be harder to achieve i reckon.



Was clearing out my desk and saw a bunch of name tags for past events. Was wondering if i should trash it. So i decided to take a snapshot of it so that i can remind myself how i had been using up my time the last few years.

It was a good 2 years with SP and boy what an eye opener on the research industry in Singapore.

It's always satisfying to hear from the SME's on how much they appreciate the effort you have put in to help them out in the otherwise expensive IT vendor world they live in.   

Education is the next step to go 

No this is not my kid, although i think my kid can compete. This boy reminds me of the Michelin man

It seems that affiliate marketing is very popular in the USA. However, being in Singapore  and trying to deal with USA products and services can be a drag, here's how to solve it

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