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A question that sometimes pops up during a dinner discussion or a casual conversation that often escalates with the perception of the party that is questioning.

Sometimes the reaction has to be really controlled, after all, some people like potatoes, some like tomatoes..

Found this clip and cartoon infographic that sums it well.

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So i was running the latest Chromium browser on Trusty Taur OS. I noticed that the default search engine used was baidu. I figured it because i live in Singapore so the nearest download servers were grouped with China so i naturally got my Ubuntu's default home folders in Mandarin and now my default search engines are baidu.. minor inconveniences i thought

So i tried to access the manage the Manage Search Engines settings (you can just right click on the search bar (choose Edit Search Engines option) to access it in chromium)

But when i tried to change the names and URL, no love... it won't let me do it.

After a lot of searching around, found out that what you type in makes a difference.. how cryptic is that?

So if you tried getting rid of the default search engine and you found that there is absolutely no button to press, i suggest adding a new search engine like this:

On the row below, use
Keyword- i just used google
This is the key, it would not allow a simple url like
you need to add the whole string with the ? at tail end.
I guess this is true if you wish to add other search engines like :
Askjeeves -
Now when you press enter, it gets added to the list and magically, now when you click on the default search engine, you get an option to remove it, but only after you set your new entry to be the default browser.
Hope this helps more than it does confuse!
Peace out!

Finally ,after a semester of painfully teaching stone age techniques of Windows Phone 7 on Visual Studio 2010, i can finally cleanse my PC off this over-bloated excuse for a development environment. 

But Alas, instead of working with Android Studio or Eclipse, i find myself stuck with another Microsoft product and this time to teach web development.. on Visual Studio 2013! Well at least its an upgrade?

Oh the power that Microsoft holds on our education institutes, we best all be getting well paid jobs to afford the licenses to continue using these wonderdful products, after all, its what every student learns in the curriculum, and most important, its what pays the bills.

From experience, if you manage to land a job in an MNC or a big enough company that can afford these products, that's all fine and dandy, but think about it, its you vs the rest of your cohort and then some, so the chances of you landing work in some SME is probably greater and i can tell you that that is when your real education begins. You will learn how to move around obstacles with the power of the Open source and the Free community that is out there.

So i guess its fair that you continue learning what you paid for and bite the bullet when the time comes.

Visual studio 2013 is installing on my laptop now :)

Call it curiosity or call it boredom but i recently decided to install Ubuntu14.04 on to an old Mac Book.

I guess i was just bored of Windows and Mac and wanted to keep myself busy with another project. I have used Linux before, mandrake, redhat, ubuntu, backtrack, kde, but most of the times, i just use them for 1 or 2 features to get a job done and i guess it just felt like the right time to try Linux out as a full blown OS. Sampling the free and easy world of software.

So i got Ubutu14.04 dual booted with OSX lion without much problems. I was surprised that everything sort of worked right off the box except the wifi drivers and bluetooth for Supermouse. Those were just a download of the right drivers away.

The super mouse managed to get detected but just would not connect! The problem was solved opening terminal and typing:


Then when the agent is running, attempt to connect the mouse and it will prompt for a PIN. So it so happened that the pin is 0000. 4 zeros in a row, nice APPLE. After that, the mouse works and you can close the simple agent program and lay all that to rest.

I even managed to get Eclipse working and now just finished setting up my Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP (LAMP) server up.

I got a joomla 3 site to run without problems but finally found it annoying to have to access all my php files using terminal sudo commands because of permission problems to the /var/www directories.

So i found that if i gave group permissions to my user, i could easily solve this minor issue. Using terminal commands:

sudo adduser <username> www-data

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www

sudo chmod -R g+rw /var/www

Just simply log off the user and log back in for the new permissions to take place and then life will be so much easier to edit css or php files from the directory using gedit from the GUI instead of terminal commands.

I have to say that overall i am quite pleased with Ubuntu14.04, it sure made my old machines feel a little fresher than before!

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