hi fellow marketer

i would like to share with you on how i made my first $USD50 in a few days.

I am a complete newbie in this internet marketing (IM) game having only attended 1 open seminar talk in Singapore from Ivan Ong. 

He opened my eyes to the potential income you can make from IM.

I really wanted to sign up for his mater-mind course (about $SGD3K) but could not afford it due to other family commitments.

I  also thought " Why not i use that $3K and try to start it out flying solo?".

A few of my peers told me horror stories on their friends who had similar ideas and lost up to $5K playing the IM game without guidance.

I can seriously understand why.. and this is why i viewed myself different from the rest:

  • i have a degree in Marketing
  • i have a degree in Information systems
  • i am thrifty
  • i am cynical
  • I do lots of research 

Step 1 (Join Affiliate Network)

So i had my first virgin dip into the unknown world of IM and the first barrier i came across was joining an Affiliate Network (AN).

I needed one in order to start marketing a product.

From Ivan's talk, i could see that W4 was the AN of choice so i tried to join them but up till today, i still have not got a reply from them. This might possibly be a good reason to join Ivan's mastermind group as he sort of guarantees a place in W4 AN. I will consider this once i make my 1st 3K from my other methods.

After googling around and checking out forums, i stumbled across adscendmedia.com AN. What lured me to join adscendmedia.com was their nifty widgets to protect content on websites. I intended to use these widgets on my blog to get leads so that was my ticket in.

Before joining any AN, you will need to email them a detailed description on your marketing methods. You will also need to show that you are not a complete newbie in the world of marketing. Really known AN like W4 are strict on their memberships as they do not want newbies to tarnish their reputation, and rightfully so, i can totally accept this point.

If you would like to know how i got into some of the AN, contact me.

adscendmedia.com took about a day to accept me and that was my 1st glance on the insides of an AN.

I took about a day studying the product offers and wondering how the hell am i suppose to track all these offers and where can i advertise them?

At this time, i also heard about peerfly.com from forums and they are one of the good entry points for beginners like me, so i applied for it as well.

Ever since peerfly accepted me into their network, i must say i have been really stoked to get so much knowledge from peerfly. I highly recommend them to all newbies of IM. Their tools and UI is really user friendly!

Sp next step was joining a Traffic source platform (TS)

Step 2 (Have your Traffic sources ready)

This step is possibly where i wasted a lot of my money. A total of $USD250. So don't make my mistake.. 

Mistake 1

Which is to pay Google Inc (adwords)(adsense) etc... why? because they have banned affiliate marketing!

I wish someone told me this earlier!

Basically, google will only accept your ads if you own or have advertising previllages on the domain you are advertising for.

When you are doing Cost Per Action (CPA) or Affiliate Marketing, you are acting as a middle man and your affiliate link will often not be associated with the final product domain page and Google will not accept that.

So don't bother with Google Ads and use that cash for other traffic sources. I am still contemplating on promoting my blog or my mobile app on Google with the budget i have now.

For traffic sources, you need to be able to distinguish between a CPV/PPV or Pop up and search contextual. You can get more knowledge on these terminology from peerfly blog.

I joined 7Search and bing/yahoo for my search contextual needs and

Media Traffic Agency (MTA) and 50onRed for my CPV/PPV needs

Keep in mind that this can cost you up to $USD500 to join all the traffic network but they are essential in order to push your products.

Learning how to use a traffic source is an entire chapter all by itself especially bidding strategy and keyword bidding etc. But it took me about 3 days on MTA with trial and error to optimize my products to get a conversion, so don't give up!

This would also be an area where i wished i had some professional guidance as i wasted about USD$50 on poorly chosen keywords. If you would like to know more about this experience, sign up on my site!

Step 3 (Track your progress)

This step is probably the most important  and also the most challenging technically.

Luckily, my other day job is building websites so it took me about 2 days to figure this out. Again, it was through forums where i discovered about Prosper202. Its free to download and setup on any PHP/MYSQL server and if you need help in doing this, just let me know

With Prosper202, you can grab your postback links as well as cloak your affiliate links. Having your postback link setup properly basically lets you track your conversion successes and also the keywords that led to that. - This helped me to spot a problem with my keywords from step 2 and i managed to plug that hole before more money went down the drain.

Cloaking your links can help to prevent hijacking.

These 3 steps are probably the basics you need in order to get the ball rolling for your IM venture. 

In total, i spent about $USD500 on traffic sources as marketing budget (half of which resides with Google)

Finding the right product to market is also really important.


You need to really drill deep into the product you are marketing and make sure they are not scams. I almost got fooled into a few scams if not for my trusty TOR browser. You can use TOR to mask your IP to appear from a country of your choice so that you can check out offers that are exclusive for certain countries. You won't believe how many products turned out to be not what it was supposed to be once i check it from the country's browser. Can you imagine if you have been wasting advertising monies on deals like this? i won't be surprise if a lot of newbies fall for this! So always check your products and know your competition.

Last but not least, don't give up, get your methods to a routine, fix what needs to be fix and persevere!

Some encouragement, here is my balance just 2 days from finishing my Step 3:


When you employ pay per click (PPC) traffic, depending on your bids, you will often get the left side of the page, which is really good, but imagine for that chosen keyword, your web page gets shown as one of the top ten on Google’s first page or better still, rank as 1 on the organic search! Thats cost efficient traffic for almost nothing! But how do we get to that stage?

One approach is that you can use PPC to reveal valuable keywords for your chosen market you are targeting. Truth is, organic search results take time and if quick results is what you need to see or track, start off with PPC and work on the organic search results at the same time, using vital information from your PPC campaigns to optimize your organic search campaigns.

So when we talk about SEO for a high ranking website, we can knock it down to a few points:

  • Easy for search engines to find and index
  • Usage of proper keywords that your customers use when searching for your product or service
  • getting the acknowledgment of your business peers/ relevant subject authority websites to link to your site

So how do we get a web page to be easily found and indexed by search engines?

Google has come up with a useful tool Google Webmaster Tool to check this:


Some pitfalls to avoid:

  • long and meaningless dynamic URL’s
  • poor page redirection usage
  • too many images without meaningful alt text, sometimes text is best
  • too much flash and java scipts

To get your site rank at the top, think like a search engine:

  • keywords tell me what your page is about
  • inbound links tell me that your page is important

Once you set off on this path, expect to take 6months to a year before you can track ranking improvements to your website provided you follow through with all the steps of optimizing your PPC campaigns.

The best place to insert your keywords in a webpage are the :

  • Title tag
  • Meta description tag
  • Headlines tag (H1,H2, etc)
  • Body copy

Always use your keywords early in the page content, best if you can get your keywords in the anchor text of your incoming links or in your domain and file name.

Getting your high quality incoming links from sites that matter most to your business is a daunting process and takes the most patience and planning. Make sure you background check your back link websites to make sure they are legit and have good standing on the web. A “bad” dodgy link from a link farm could hurt your results greatly. Strive for natural links over artificial links.

Here are some tips for your SEO link tactics:

  • Get links from pages that match your topic
  • Count the number of links on the referring page - ideally looking for 1 link per page or it will suffer link dilution
  • avoid run-of-the-sites links - links that appear on the footer or every page of the same website, they are viewed as artificially inflated links
  • Maintain consistency in the format of your incoming link URLS - standardize your link format
  • Get your keywords in your anchor text
  • Go for deep links - links to pages within your site other than your homepage
  • Make sure all your incoming links do not include the rel=”nofollow” attribute

The best place to start getting back links :


Make use of Google’s local serch results by listing your business location on Google.

More info at: localsearchmanual.com



Tool for split testing landing pages:

hypertracker.net manual: video.hypertracker.net

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