Hi Friend,


How would you like to have $2000 extra to purchase that notebook or that slick Microsoft Surface tablet?

Or maybe its time for a holiday to Europe? or the United States?
Or how about buying a full set of fashion clothes including accessories?

Think of the amount of groceries you will be able to splurge on the family?

Or how about all the snacks and ice-cream you can get?


Yes $2000 spare cash is nice to have and spend and the best part is that this is your chance to get it for FREE!


Planet 49 is conducting an Opinion / Survey to benefit consumers just like you and me.

In return for your participation in this 2 - 5 minute survey, you will get the chance to be part of this Lucky Draw where you can stand a chance to win


To participate in the Lucky Draw, participants are required to provide the following information:

  1. first and last name;
  2. mailing and email addresses; and
  3. telephone number.

What are you waiting for?


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