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Be aware of what your enemies are feeling. This is important especially if you want to achieve a certain type of playstyle.

It will decide whether you need to restart your chapter or not..


Threat IconStatusDetails
Unaware This icon appears when a person begins to take notice of Garrett. The eye slowly fills with white coloring, and if it becomes solid white, the person becomes curious.
Curious People become curious if they believe they’ve seen something move in the shadows or if Garrett makes an unexpected but soft or distant noise. The more pips you see above the eye icon, the greater the person’s curiosity. Curious people will walk over and inspect the disturbance without much suspicion. Making people curious is a useful tactic for luring guards away from their posts and has no effect on your end-of-mission Playstyle (read on for details).
Suspicious If a person’s curiosity continues to grow, they’ll eventually become suspicious. Striking a person with a nonlethal projectile or making loud noises close to a person will instantly raise their suspicions. Suspicious people believe there’s a prowler about, but they have no actual proof and haven’t yet detected Garrett. Suspicious persons will search the environment more swiftly and thoroughly than curious persons, opening cabinets in which Garrett can hide. Raising suspicions is a tracked stat, but it won’t affect your end-of-missing Playstyle.
Cautious If a person’s suspicions are confirmed by a second noise or nonlethal projectile attack, they’ll become cautious. This state is very similar to the suspicious state, but the person’s movements are more swift and unpredictable. Making people cautious does not affect your Playstyle.
Alarmed If a person discovers proof of an intruder, such as an unconscious or dead body, they become alarmed. This state is very similar to the cautious state, and your Playstyle rating is not affected. This is the highest threat level that a noncombative person can reach.
Alerted This icon appears when a person has detected Garrett—a worst-case scenario. Alerted guards will chase after Garrett, hunting him down without mercy. It’s fight or flight once you see this Threat Icon. Flee to a dark, remote location, or take a stand and battle the threat directly. Being detected isn’t the end of the world, but it does cause you to fail certain Thieving Challenges and will lower your chances at achieving the “Ghost” Playstyle (read on for details).

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