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To be a Ghost

The easiest way to attain Ghosthood is... well.. be a ghost. Die!

But all that comes with a heavy burden and price that is paid by loved ones usually.. so the secret is the balance.. the in-between.. everything in moderation.

The basic nature of humanoid creatures is Vanity! We love attention as well as love craving for it. On most levels, if you are doing good and benefiting society, it is always good to be recognised for it. Stamp of approval on all that you do.. great job! But how often do we sink towards just wanting to do something good for the recognition as the end goal by itself? Would that be right? I think that hovers close to vanity.

So the converse is true, when you are going to be doing sneaky things and when you do get away with it, it is a natural gravitation to want to share your exploits with a group to feel recognition and gain street cred. This is also where the folly begins. The more "friends" you have, your chances of being discovered quadruples if we apply the 6 degrees of separation theory. So do we forsake all friendship? of course not! No man was meant to be an island - although i think certain parts of the mind should remain as islands..

Invisibility indeed is a high price to pay and loneliness is the path most often travelled by the Ninja.

But invisibility does have its advantages :



On Ghosthood and Invisibility

  1. Always being able to strike first!
  2. Knowing the true intentions and actions of those you watch
  3. Escaping dangerous moments without a scratch
  4. Control

The main gift out of all of this is control. This skillset is generally coveted by people who crave for control over themselves which spills out to control over others. Is this wrong? Not if you are benevolent about it.

An old Thief tale is recalled on the famous master thief Jasper, who laid every conceivable contraption to monitor his lovely and beloved ex-wife Doris to make sure that she did not run into danger as she sought a 'better' life away from the shadows. In that story, Jasper's use of his Ghosthood powers was purely protection. He did toy with the would-be suitors of Mariom to the point of robbing them blind, but he later returned everything to Doris as he believed they rightfully belonged to her.

When such practices occur, the all seeing Night watcher mother blesses. She blesses the very shades and lucky timing and occurrences that things happen for a reason.

So before you embark on your journey to become Anonymous, ask yourself:

  • Why am i doing this?
  • Can i live with my actions?
  • Does loneliness bother me?

When you can convince yourself that you moral compass is in the right place, you can proceed on to the next steps:

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